Statute of Incorporation

Name of organisation

Independent Constitutionalists-UK


To promote in the UK and its constituent polities:

  1. a democracy that is inclusive, participative and genuinely representative
  2. a citizen-framed codified and living constitution, and
  3. a political-economy for people and planet


Membership of the IC-UK initiative is open to all persons over the age of 16 supporting the principles, purposes and proposals set out in the IC-UK Declaration of Purpose and who actively contribute to the endeavours of the IC-UK Outreach Working Group (OWG). All persons wishing to serve as members are placed on the OWG mailing list.

Committee and officers

Members of the OWG act jointly as their own Committee, but appoint an Outreach Coordinator to administer and manage their affairs.


The OWG meets at least six times annually.

Rules of procedure

At the beginning of meetings, participants select a Facilitator and a Recorder. Conduct of business follows a procedure of shared governance with decision-making by consensus.


An account will be maintained on behalf of IC-UK at a bank agreed by the OWG. A Treasurer nominated by the OWG will maintain records of income and expenditure. IC-UK may in accordance with its stated objectives own assets and items necessary for its activities. All financial transactions shall be subject to OWG agreement.

Changes to the Statute

By consensus of the OWG.


By consensus of the OWG.