Our parliamentary system is broken. Something needs to change. As few as 50 Independent MPs could reshape the balance of power in Westminster. We offer a strategy for voters to elect Independent MPs committed to changing the parliamentary system to promote a new form of democracy and an inclusive political economy.

The Independent Constitutionalists UK is an initiative to create

  • a codified constitution that sets out in plain language the rules by which we govern ourselves
  • a new kind of democracy combining effective citizen participation with genuine representation
  • a just economy that addresses inequality and conserves planetary resources

Empowerment through devolved self-government

In order to further the conversation and promote citizen participation we’ve prepared two new documents for consideration.

Democracy Paper

How should the Democracy Sector define democracy? We in the Democracy Sector use the word ‘democracy’ on an almost daily basis. It’s in the title of many of our initiatives. You emphasize one aspect of it you believe to be important, I another. It’s constantly on our lips. You have your definition, I have mine. But do our definitions line up? Is it not time, before we take our messages any further, for us to agree on what we’re actually talking about? What follows is an attempt to move the Sector towards a shared vision of what basically A Democracy Fit for the 21st Century might look like.

Download the PDF

Citizen-led Constitution

Written constitutions can be seen as but one tool – albeit indispensable – in the kit available to any community aspiring to genuine democracy. They reflect the structure of political organisation (SPO) whereby the members of any community consent to govern themselves. The purpose of this document is thus, first to list the essential components that might render said SPO open to citizen participation, thereby producing better governance, and second to combine them in a way that will be useful to constitution building.

Download the PDF

Your participation

Your participation in this new initiative could help create a culture of political independence:

  • For Citizens – a new kind of democratic involvement
  • For Representatives – freedom to be accountable to their constituents
  • For Local Communities – greater control through greater participation
  • For People and Planet – a sustainable political-economy

We aim

  • to facilitate cooperation among all those seeking genuine political and economic change
  • to use the existing political system to create one of inclusion and trust

By developing collaborative links with like-minded thinkers and activist groups we aim to promote UK wide discussion of key aspects of comprehensive systemic reform of our political economy. Our Declaration of Purpose could serve as a starting-point for an emerging consensus.

Interested in getting involved? Read on:

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Self-organising Local Groups (SLGs)

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A Codified & Living Constitution

Why we need one

The Location Value Factor

Taxes Good & Bad

Democracy is the art of thinking independently together. We are convinced that with your help Governance by the People for the People in the UK and beyond is achievable.